Thursday, 29 April 2010


A third year is using the press so i cannot continue with my prints. I'm going to dicuss with her tomorrow becaue i also really need to use it.
More final roughs.

The Whether Man.

Humbug vs The Spelling Bee.

Doctor Dischord and the Terrible Dynne.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Ok. So now, here are some of my roughs for the final illustrations.
I'll put them over several posts since I'm such an incredibly lazy individual and must update my other blog. :D

Milo driving through the Tollbooth:

Officer Shrift. He enjoys putting people in prison, but isn't too bothered if they choose to leave.



Final designs for the character Milo.
Alan wasn't sure about the empty eyes. So on my prints I've actually done them differently. As you will one day see. Duh.
Sorry about the not great quality of photograph.
I still can't afford a new scanner and am stuck with a not great camera...
This one is me trying to decide how to do his uniform. Him being a school boy.

Monday, 5 April 2010


Arthur Rackham is God.


The main character. A little boy of school age. I'm not sure what he ought to be wearing... I need to do much more work on him. I hate drawing people D: But. Yeeaah. So. So far:


The Humbug.

Biggest coward ever. But I might love him even more than Tock. He's very posh and thinks rather highly of himself, but almost definitely ALWAYS gets it wrong. He does try though. He wears a Derby Hat, a Chequered waistcoat, a snobby coat, pinstripe trousers and spats. He also gets very cross at the big spelling bee. A minor character I will work on soon.

Do you think his antenna should come out the top of his hat or not?


Mor Tock

He is so cute and noble. How I love him. So these are, ideas for Tock, Tock pretty much final nearly, and then ideas for the snooze button, or the button to turn off his alarm. Any ideas for this, btw?

Friday, 2 April 2010


I wish I had one.
This image won't be used really, because the clock is his actual body in the story. And I wanted to draw the characters as they're described, rather than speculative things.

This is Milo and Tock, drawn by Jules Feiffer, who worked with the author Norton Juster as the first illustrator of the story. In fact. Norton Juster deliberately made the character tricky to do just to annoy Feiffer. Not in a mean way. I'll show an example of this later probably.


This is the doodle I started with. I've been trying to clean it up a bit. But I'll post it when I'm done. It could work as an actual illustration for the book!

And these are some initial head pictures of the 3 main characters. I'm trying to work on them seperately at the moment and some of the important elements.


So this is me attempting some kind of time plan. I've totally flailed in sticking to it. But hopefully I can catch myself up.
I started this project with a totally different idea. But I hated it. Completely had no interest in it at all. So then, I was doodling, (which I'll upload in a second)and I thought, huh. This looks like the lethargians from the doldrums in The Phantom Tollbooth. Then I thought. WAIT! That's what I'll do! I'll illustrate it!
Hopefully it'll go well. I think the story type and the characters inside can work with my drawings :D So I just need to put in more work...


Oh god. I'm so behind.