Friday, 2 April 2010


I wish I had one.
This image won't be used really, because the clock is his actual body in the story. And I wanted to draw the characters as they're described, rather than speculative things.

This is Milo and Tock, drawn by Jules Feiffer, who worked with the author Norton Juster as the first illustrator of the story. In fact. Norton Juster deliberately made the character tricky to do just to annoy Feiffer. Not in a mean way. I'll show an example of this later probably.


  1. FIRST. keep up the slow work Clem.

  2. Shuddup bitch.
    I WELL worked today.

  3. I hope you got paid well for it

    : DDDDD

    And I dunno why but the last three posts of your blog just popped up in my update stream... like, your last three all said 'updated 2 seconds ago'... weirdness.